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Human Resources Management

CMS works to develop every organization's most valuable resource: their staff. The best-laid plans or business models are only as good as the people you surround yourself with to carry them out. CMS can help you find the best people, ensure compensation is in alignment with the market and job skills, and provide legally tested internal documentation to help reduce organizational liability.

Our consultants ensure that all facets of projects are consistent with current best practices, meet critical federal and state regulations, and provide versatile solutions to specific human resource management needs. From small projects such as providing assistance with policy and writing performance appraisal plans, to more complex projects like designing state-of-the-art classification and compensation systems, our consultants have the in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and proven technical expertise to help any organization meet its objectives.

Best of all, CMS professionals scale project designs to meet budget requirements while maintaining responsiveness and providing critical follow-up support to ensure your organizational success.

CMS can also serve as an entire Human Resource Department for organizations of all sizes, and we do it all with the expertise and efficiency that comes from understanding our clients' unique needs and expectations.

Compensation Programs

In today’s job market it is critical to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Compensation is one of the key components in staff retention. CMS can help ensure your organization stays competitive by providing salary surveys and market assessments and by helping you unify your business strategies to create a solid, functioning business model. CMS can help with:
Employee Relations

No matter the size of your business or organization, the relationship with your employees can be delicate and demanding. With over 25 years of experience in working with people, we have the background and knowledge to help your organization successfully manage employee relations in compliance with personnel policy and law and best practices in human resource management. When difficult employee relations situations arise, we provide professional guidance to get the problem solved. Areas of expertise include:
Human Resource Audit Services

Communication and Management Services, LLC (CMS) offers specialized Human Resource (HR) Audit services tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations. Our audits are designed to be comprehensive or specifically focused, considering factors such as time constraints, budgetary considerations, and available staff resources. We offer various types of audits to address different objectives: Our Human Resource Audit services are designed to provide organizations with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance HR effectiveness and support organizational goals.

Job Analysis & Evaluation

Whether you are hiring new employees, changing staff responsibilities, or maintaining current operations, it is important to evaluate and document your staff’s responsibilities on a regular basis. CMS has expertise in evaluating jobs and revising or writing new job descriptions to ensure you create an environment that enables and encourages your employees to succeed. We provide related services in the following areas:
Performance Management

Performance management requires ongoing communication between management and individual employees throughout the year in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization. CMS will develop and train your staff to foster constructive feedback in your organization. We provide consultation with:
Recruitment & Retention

Attracting, selecting and retaining a competent workforce in compliance with employment practices is a challenge for all employees. CMS provides effective recruitment and selection processes and provides all the resources necessary to help you hire talented employees, including executive professionals. CMS will provide consultation on advertising, candidate screening, interviewing and professional reference checks to help you find the ideal staff and executive personnel to fit your team and take your organization to the next level. We will also work with your organization to develop strategies to retain talent including developing existing employees, succession planning, and promotion. Recruitment, selection, and retention services include:

The human resource field is a fast-paced environment that must keep up with today’s work culture and regulation. We offer the following trainings to help your management team grow and meet new demands in the workplace: