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About Tyler Coenen

Business Systems Consultant | Excel Development Engineer

Tyler Coenen is a Project and Reporting Coordinator for CMS. Tyler brings ten years of experience in business management, leadership, and project management methodologies to the table. Tyler has experience developing, maintaining, and auditing ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management Systems, OSHA compliant sector-specific safety programs, and user-friendly automation projects. Building these programs taught Tyler the importance of accurate record-keeping, which helped develop a rigorous skill set focused on detail, as well as allowing him to gain proficiency in developing complex spreadsheets and efficient management systems. This skill set ensures our clients feel confident in our services through a high level of due diligence on number processing. Tyler has worked as a Quality Assurance Manager, Safety Director, and Product Designer. His tenure as a Quality Assurance Manager enabled Tyler to serve on the first Executive Board of a multi-million dollar high-tech manufacturing plant and gave him the opportunity to successfully supervise numerous employees. Tyler's education and experience come from the school of life; however, Tyler has attended many seminars regarding management, leadership, ethics, employee engagement, executive leadership, and emotional intelligence, and he has attended two international conferences regarding management and manufacturing methodologies in Washington D.C. To further his education, Tyler is working towards obtaining his Associate's of Applied Science degree in Computer Science /Computer Programming from Helena College.