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About CMS

The CMS senior management team has nearly a century of experience assisting administrators, policy makers, and elected officials in reaching their goals through sound strategies and an organizational structure designed to meet the most challenging demands. With national experience, yet with close attention to our neighbors and partners here in Montana, CMS has a proven track record of designing personnel systems, turning organizational theory into real solutions, developing effective communication systems, and shaping public policy.

All organizations face crossroads and challenges that can at times disrupt daily business operations. Our approach is to partner with all levels of an organization so that we share the burden of short-term externalities and allow you to remain focused on long-term goals. We know from direct experience it is the expertise inherent within an organization, when left unencumbered, that is needed to find the best solution to any problem. Our firm is specifically designed to ensure our principal staff maintain constant communication with your employees, administrators, and/or boards and commissions. We take special pride in communicating our clients’ achievements to the public, interest groups, and elected officials.

Managing Consultant

B.A. - Business Administration

SPHR Certified

SHRM-SCP Certified

Managing Partner

M.A. - Public Administration

Project & Reporting Coordinator

Certified Bookkeeper

Certified Data Analyst

Human Resources Consultant

M.A. - Human Resources

B.A. - Human Resources

Human Resources Consultant

B.A. - Telecommunications

SHRM-CP Certified

Project Specialist

Human Resources Consultant

Human Resources Consultant

Administrative Analyst

Management Consultant